Out There Apparel is a homegrown business - a lifestyle brand created in late 2018. The goal - blend a local beach vibe, a unique, weathered style with a distinct handmade element. 


Founder: Anthony Capellupo

We're different than many of the brands you already know. As a growing brand, I've had to get creative to bring it all to life. So that means rolling up my sleeves, testing on scraps, getting resourceful, thinking outside the box, and innovating the innovated.

For us, its quality over quantity, care over mere production, and a pride and dedication behind every press, print and stitch.

So, between the threads lies a passion to inspire you to live endlessly by the water's edge - products built with limited waste, no sweatshops, elements from other small businesses, all assembled - if not fully created - by hand. That's us. That's our apparel.


Reclaimed wood being put to work for a reveal coming later on in 2021.  



Two years ago, I had my eyes set on Wall Street. Today, I'm on a quest to redefine what it means to be a lifestyle brand - one that's distinctly unique with a local vibe. One that stands for more than just clothing. I didn't plan for the allure of the ticker tape to die, but I felt restless far from the ocean. I knew I had to embrace what made me feel most alive. 


Out There Apparel as you see it has come to be by learning by doing, riding the wave of trying and failing, inventing, innovating, and purely creating. From the designs on our tees, to the stitches you feel, to our social media and more, my passion to share a lifestyle of living endlessly out there lies behind it all.



It's homegrown manufacturing, designs I start as pencil sketches, and my hands behind each item we offer. So, despite my economics degree, it was my grandmother who taught me the way around the sewing machine, and a love to build that filled in the rest.   

Despite his degree in Economics from Fairfield U, Anthony puts his love into each product - even the tags he makes from leftover scraps. In his spare time, you probably already know where to find him.

Founder: Anthony Capellupo 

Oceanside, NY | 22

I'm not sure what it is about the water, but once its in your blood its tough to get it out of you. So when not building Out There Apparel, you can probably find me fishing or chasing the sunset somewhere around Long Island. Thanks for being a part of this journey. Go far. Be Free. Live out there.


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