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The crowd filters out. The wane of the boats and plane advertisements slowly fade away. It’s you and the waves that crash over and over again. The squawk of the seagulls go from an annoying call to a resounding squawk that tails off in the distance. It’s different. Less people. More freedom. More serenity. It’s your hideaway. Just you, and maybe some good friends ready for some good times.


But when you hear hideaway you probably think eight hundred miles away and a plane ride. Truth is, it seems the best hideaways are the ones we create. Might be local, close to home for some. A beach. A  sandbar. Or a place that comes to serve as a regular refuge. Here's how you can build your own hideaway:

GOING OFF THE GRID. When we take it all in we come to another world outside the world. 

1. Find A Remote Location  


Start local. It doesn’t have to be down an untraveled road or off the beaten path, but a place where people come and go is best. The golden hour is nice when most choose to end their day. For you, it could be when you choose to start your day out there. It could a beach. A secret fishing spot or a cove on the flats accessible by boat. Whatever it is, give yourself the chance to feel like you’re in a world outside the world.

PLENTIFUL SERENITY. Jones Beach Island 40.6106° N, 73.4445° W November 25, 2019 6:55 AM

2. Stay a While 


We’re still restless when we first arrive still thinking about our daily chores and responsibilities. Slowly our worries fade, and our mind begins to clear. Spending some time relaxes us, allows us to kick it back and escape for little. Bring a book or some good friends, and you may just find yourself getting lost in the time you're spending out there. 

3. Take it All In 


Look around. Explore the unknown. Wander a little. When we do, we come to see that other world outside the world. The breeze, the waves, the ripples in the water – it’s just feels right, maybe inner peace for some. Each place is different, distinctly unique. 

4. Hide the Phone


Go on “do not disturb” or air plane mode. It might be tough, but if we glue ourselves to the screen, why are we are we there anyway? Immerse yourself. You owe yourself a good excuse for not responding so quickly to that latest email or text message. Plus, you may never even see the chance for your next story worthy photo if you’re just scrolling away. 

5. Return Regularly

Coming back may be a choice at first, but after a while, it's a place that pulls you back. You'll come to see that each day out there is slightly different. A better sunset. A calmer ocean. Or, just another chance to kick it back. 

So to keep it simple, add your chair, maybe a drink too. That's pretty much it. Anything else is optional for us at least. And, if people ask where you are, well they just have to accept that you're in your hideaway, somewhere, some place out there...

A FLOATING HIDEAWAY. Oak Beach 40.6391° N, 73.2905° W August 10, 2019 7:26PM


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