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Made from long stranded, heavy ring-spun cotton, both our classic tees and vintage tees look even better with age. You can confirm the sizing of each t-shirt style below. 

All three of our long sleeve t-shirts are made with heavy cotton and have strong but soft elastic cuffs. To see more details click shirt or see the table below. 

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Classic Styles: Find You Oasis, Kick it Back, Endless Days, Est. 2018, Leave Your Wake, Escape Reality 

Vintage Styles: Paddle Boards, Ships Wheel 

Vintage Styles: Pepper Est. 2018, Crimson Est. 2018, Go Far. Be Free., Sea Blue Boat 


Slightly oversize, our crewneck is perfect when wearing something else underneath it. It is pre-shrunk and made from heavy cotton. Check out the chart below for exact sizing measurements. 

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Our customizable sweatshirts are made with a cotton/polyester blend and contains fleece inside. For more information on sizing, see the chart below. 

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Made with a more narrow fit, our beach hoodie is made from a blend of both cotton and polyester giving it a weightless feel. 

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